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SharePoint Document Converter solution gives a start on how we can leverage the Word automation Service to convert documents to formats that word can support. This project convert documents of type "DOCX" or "DOC" to any possible file type that word support like to PDF, XPS, DOCX, DOCM, DOC, DOTX, DOTM, DOT, XML, RTF, MHT.

This solution helps you to learn following things about SharePoint 2010:
- How document conversion happen using Word Automation Service
- SharePoint Ribbon customization (How to add add custom controls)
- SharePoint UI Notifications (Display SharePoint notifications)
- SharePoint UI Popup messages (How to customize standard SharePoint popup window)
- How to add ECB controls

Release Notes
This release of SharePoint document converter is more generic than the previous release. In this release, i have added following features:
- Flexibility to choose any possible document conversion type like PDF, XPS, XML etc
- More optimized and simplified code
- Added code to execute word automation immediately
- Convert multiple documents in single shot
- Changed solution name to generic "SharePoint Document Converter"
- Added SharePoint UI notifications
- Added option to select folders (Solution automatically retrieve docx/doc files from folder and subfolders)
- Added option to start conversion from ECB menu 

Click here to view SharePoint Document Converter Guide

Important Note: This solution will only work in SharePoint Server 2010 (Standard or Enterprise Edition) not in SharePoint Foundation 2010 because Word Automation Service feature comes only with SharePoint Server 2010.

Requirements to run WSP solution:

- SharePoint Server 2010 (Standard or Enterprise Edition)

- Configured Word Automation Service for Web Application and in running state

- Word Automation Service name should be "Word Automation Services" for current solution. You can download the source code and modify it to change the service name.

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